A Letter of Welcome to Our Black LGBTQI+ Kin

Yɛ nua,


Yɛ kyea wo.

Yɛ ma wo akunya.

Yɛ ma wo nsuo.

Yɛ ma wo adweane. 

Yɛ gye wo wɔ asase yi so a ɛyɛ Liberation Medicine School.

Dear Kin,


We greet you.

We offer you a seat.

We offer you water.

We offer you food. 

We receive you on this land that is Liberation Medicine School.

We are a growing collective of AfroTGNC, AfroQueer, and AfroIntersex medicine-seekers and medicine-makers on a radical mission: to create a decolonial, indigenous-rooted, autonomous, and collective care-driven medical system that is dedicated to the healing needs of the diasporic Black LGBTQI+ community. 


Within and outside of the medical industrial complex, Black trans, queer, and intersex folks face the most violent assaults to our health. Despite being disproportionately impacted by health and healthcare disparities, we continue to be neglected by the larger society in justice movements.

We do this work because we believe that the systems and structures of power that be will never account for our needs, and will never give us the type of healthcare that we truly need to be free in our bodies. We do this work because we believe in the urgency of a world where Black LGBTQI+ peoples no longer have to rely on the "death"-care system and on other systems of violence that harm our health. We do this work because we believe that as a community, we hold the knowledge and skills needed to heal and care for each other. We do this work because we believe in the possibility of a world where Black LGBTQI+ peoples are harnessing our own indigenous powers as medicine-makers to self-determine our own paths to liberation.

To learn more about some of our work, we invite you to visit other areas of this virtual land.

If you are interested in learning more and or to connect with us, please reach out to us at liberationmedicineschool@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting us. We wish you rest, care, and nourishment.

--- The Black TGNC leadership @ Liberation Medicine School