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Join Our Team!

Currently, the core team of organizers for the school is comprised of community members and students from UW’s medical, social work, and public health schools. We band together out of defiance - out of a strong need to account for our own health and humanity in the face of medical education systems that refuse to do so. We aim to be people of color-led and centered, and especially prioritize the leadership of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and API folks. To create a collective space of healing and learning within this organizing group and to minimize perpetuating the same systemic toxicities we are fighting to undo, we also aim to be intentional about actively working to undo our own internalized oppressions and superiorities.

We  are still in the envisioning phase of this school and are actively looking for members to join our organizing team. If you are interested in working with us - either as part of our organizing team or in partnership - please reach out to us at

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