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Support LMS's movement to build an autonomous health/care ecosystem that prioritizes Black Trans wellness and liberation!

Money we receive will go towards:

1. Funding the Labour of Black Trans Healers, Medicine Makers, and Indigenous Practitioners
2. Acquiring Land Upon Which To Root Our Medicine Work
3. Building a Liberation Medicine Curriculum That Breaths Power Into The Healer In Each Black Trans Person
4. Resourcing Our Black Trans Safety Fund
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To Donate Via Check:

  • Make your check payable to Allied Media Projects

  • write "Liberation Medicine School" in the memo line.

  • Mail to: 

    • Allied Media Projects
      4126 Third St.
      Detroit, MI 48201

​To Donate Online:

  • Kindly stay tuned. We are working to create an online donation system that is safe, accessible, and sustainable for LMS to use. We will update this site as soon as that system is set up.

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