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Liberation Medicine School (LMS) is an Afro-Indigenous and Afro-LGBTQ rooted inititiative  

Short History


Membership and Foundational Principle

At its core, LMS is anchored by Black Trans and Gender-Nonconforming folks. We prioritize the wisdom and leadership of the Black TGNC ommunity

Black TGNC folks most acutely impacted by medical racism, and also are most fundamental to the preservation and constant creation of healing. Since antiquity, Black TGNCs have been historians, spiritualists, priests & priestesses. Our fluidity and creativity, and the ways in which we are constantly seeking autonomy and sovereignty within our bodies even under systems that is has attempted to erase and compress us – defines the very core of Afro-Indigeneity and Afro-Indigenous medicine. If medicine is to be harnessed to aid in the liberation of Black folks, and if we as a community are to have autonomy over own bodies and our own healing, then Black TGNC folks must be the starting point.

Our expansiveness and medicinal powers were so great that we were the first to be…our transness and queerness were compressed into binaries, displaced from dominant historical and current archives; indigenous African words and languages used to describe us have been erased/buried.

And yet we are still here. We still carry

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