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We Are Hiring:


UPDATE: We Have Found Our Collaborator For This Role. 

About LMS

Liberation Medicine School (LMS) is an emerging village of medicine committed to building a decolonial, Afro-indigenous health/care ecosystem that supports the autonomy, thriving wellness, self-determination, and freedom of Black Trans people. We are on a mission to abolish the Medical Industrial Complex by A) developing Liberation Medicine as a freedom practice + framework that centers Black Trans powers, experiences, and needs of medicine; and B) creating indigenous medicine teaching curricula, healing circles, and mutual care kinship networks that invites Black Trans people to harness our own innate powers of medicine to fully care for, with, and by each other and our communities.

Role Description

For LMS’s 2023 season, we are looking for a practitioner committed to the liberation of Black Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, and/or Gender-Expansive peoples to support us in acquiring needed financial resources to sustain our 2024 work. This work will include A) grant writing; B) community fundraising & donor organizing; and C) developing grant-independent income-generation and resource-acquisition strategies. This is an 8-month remote position from April - November 2023, up to $25,000 in compensation, with the possibility to extend to December 2023.

Scope of Work*

  • Learning & Building With LMS

    • Build an understanding of LMS’s values, vision, mission, and projects; as well as our guiding framework around Black Trans liberation.

    • Nurture and maintain healthy relational dynamics with other LMS members  (i.e., conflict resolution, accountability, restorative and transformative justice practices).



  • Philanthropy-Independent Resource Acquisition & Income-Generation Strategies

    • Work with LMS to develop decolonial economic models and resource acquisition strategies to sustain our work in addition to - and ultimately independent of - philanthropic institutions

    • Research - and where possible, build knowledge-exchange partnerships with - Black-led grassroot movements that have/are taking anti-capitalist approaches to sustainable financial independence

    • Be a strategic and thought partner in the visioning and design of short and long-term decolonial income-generation strategies 

  • Grant Writing

    • Lead and work with LMS membership to identify guiding values + create selection criteria and protocol for determining the suitability of funding opportunities to LMS’s needs

    • Research prospective funding opportunities that are in alignment with LMS’s vision and mission; that operate from a trust-based model; that do not replicate dynamics of power and surveillance; that support our values of safety, self-ownership, kinship, mutual exchange, autonomy, and self-determination; and whose reporting asks are in alignment with our needs and values.

    • Maintain and add on to our master list of LMS-aligned trust-based funding opportunities, including information about requirements, supporting documentations, reporting asks, time limits, application outcomes, etc; 

    • Create and maintain a calendar to track dates of upcoming grants.

    • Write, co-edit, and collaboratively gather information/documents needed to submit grant applications, proposals, inquiries of interest, and other funding requests to new and existing funders

    • When needed and as per grant agreements, complete and submit reporting asks

    • Establish and maintain communication exchanges with existing and prospective funders that align with LMS’s needs and values

  • Community Fundraising & Donor Organizing

    • Collaborate with LMS’s Vision Steward to design, implement, and manage community fundraising initiatives to support ongoing and future work

    • Work with LMS membership to identify value systems around, and design a protocol for, donor-centered campaigns/organizing.

    • Maintain communication with community donors and other individuals who offer financial and material resources to support LMS’s work.

Our Preferred Collaborator

  • Has a sustained practice of and commitment to supporting the liberation of Black Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, Gender Expansive, Multi-Gender, Genderfluid, and/or Agender peoples 

  • We would like to work with a practitioner who has written successful non-governmental grants for movement building, community organizing, social justice, healing justice, and/or education justice projects;

  • Prior experience with donor organizing & community fundraising is appreciated. 

  • Because LMS is a small entity that is still largely in formation, we would appreciate a practitioner who is adaptive, flexible, patient, innovative, proactive, communicative, and willing to think beyond the bounds of how money traditionally functions within capitalism. We also want to work with someone who values collective care, intentional relationship building, kindness, and empathy; holds excitement and passion for LMS’s mission; and is in alignment with our values of Black Trans healing justice. 

We highly encourage members of the Black Trans, Gender Non-Conforming, Non-Binary, Gender Expansive, Multi-Gender, Genderfluid, and/or Agender community to apply.


We understand that folks who would thrive in this role may not have experience in every area. We encourage you to apply if you are inexperienced in any of the core responsibilities but are committed to building those skills in this role. 

Financial Offering & Time Commitment*

$25,000; ​

April 2023 - November 2023 (34 weeks); 500 hours at $50/hour

Possibility to extend to December 2023 for additional pay.


This work will predominantly be remote. We would love to work with someone based in Washington State; we also welcome remote applicants based anywhere in the U.S. If you are located in Seattle, WA - will include in person meetings with LMS membership.

You must have access to a working computer and Internet connection.


To communicate interest in this role, kindly fill out this google form.


Kindly reach out at with any questions.

*Note on Scope of Work, Payment, & Hours Worked (re: Disability Justice Practices)

LMS values work in the form of choiceful generativity. We disavow the ways in which money’s attachment to productivity breeds non-choiceful, exhaustive work practices -  and the larger impact of this on the health of poor and disabled Black T/GNC communities. Until we manifest this vision, we aim to be intentional about our approach to generativity. If you apply for this role and we consent to move forward together, we will collaborate to refine the scope of work so that it is in alignment with your body’s abilities and needs while still meeting LMS’s own needs. We will settle on deliverables that are feasible for the time span of this role - making room as-needed and as available for flexibility and adaptability. To navigate through exhaustion and prevent burn-out, we will foster a relational dynamic where there can be proactive in communication and honesty about limits and needs for rest. If some of the projected working hours need to be used for rest and self-care, we can talk through that. We are figuring out how to balance liberatory practices with the reality that generative work needs to be done to nourish LMS; we are grateful to dream with you in this formative process.


Visit here to read our full statement regarding our vision for a universal care fund within LMS; and how this intersects with undoing the pathologizing harms of productivity, ableism and capitalism.

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